1.8 billion images are being shared every day on social media, this is all free data and free advertising. Currently, social media giants deprive users of a fair cut on the value that they bring to their platforms.

kargoe solves this by giving users cash commissions from the content they post, empowering them to proactively share their values and the products they love - inspire and shop together. 

So, why not use social media to take your power back and create social impact? Use the power of shopping to create a new way to share the profits among the people creating the content we love.



kargoe is free for anyone to join and become an “influencer” -- make posts and tag them from the thousands of products available in our network from your favorite stores like Sephora, ULTA, and Saks Fifth Ave, to name a few.

When your friends and followers shop from your posts,
CHA-CHING - you receive a commission from the sale.

There is no shipping required from you when you endorse products,
orders are handled by the brands. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your commissions!



See something you like from one of your style icons? Click the tag on their posts to see the products and shop, all in-app in just a few clicks!

kargoe is social shopping,
coming from the stores and brands you love, endorsed by the people you trust.

kargoe is all about positive impact --
we have a registered 501c(3) and donate a percentage of our profits to organizations that create solutions for sustainability and clean up our oceans. 



On kargoe you can also tag charities you love and create a call for action when you talk about the things that truly inspire you - Raise awareness and build a community of like minds.

kargoe partners with various 501c(3)s to allow our users to create donation tags on posts. See a charity you want to support, click the tag and make a donation in two clicks - donations go straight to the charity!

kargoe changes social activism. Instead of “liking” a post or sharing a link, social activism on kargoe ends with action.